Why Natural Remedies Work and Drugs Don't
By Maria R Malec



Have you noticed how we live in a world which has traded personal awareness and responsibility for powerlessness and synthetic solutions? Our bodies are always seeking balance and all the parts depend on each other to work properly. While our bodies have the potential for disease, there exists an internal system for self-healing that can be reinforced with natural remedies.

Before the advancement of modern medicine, people relied upon plant resources, like essential oils, to remedy health concerns. Incorporating essential oils into a daily routine can effectively address the everyday wellness needs of your family. An essential oil is a liquid that is distilled from leaves, stems, shrubs, trees, seeds, bushes, flowers bark and roots of plants. The life-blood of plants serve as natural remedies; they are

• anti-fungal

• anti-viral

• anti-bacterial

• anti-inflammatory

• hormone balancing

The highest quality oils, therapeutic grade, are made from organic plants and distilled at low temperatures to retain the organic healing properties. Simply, they keep the human body in a whole state of balance. This means they are particularly designed to:

• Cleanse

• Protect

• Oxygenate

• Nourish

• Heal

Drugs are synthetic, dead matter; inhibit, block, and interrupt normal bodily functions, in addition to having negative side effects. These reasons verify why natural remedies work and drugs don't.

Essential Oils can be extremely effective, safe, economical and easy to use while tending to a whole range of health issues, right in your own home:

• Anti-bacterial properties make them highly effective for sanitizing, disinfecting, deodorizing and air purification, as well.



• Some essential oils make excellent toxin free cleaning agents for removal of grease, oil, carpet stains, crayon, etc.

• Powerful anti-oxidant properties in some essential oils make them amazingly effective in anti-aging, energy and health giving applications both alone and when combined with supplements.

• And of course, nothing beats the power of essential oils in personal care products for skin, hair and personal hygiene.

Additionally, essential oils are easy to use and further maintains why natural remedies work. The 3 simple applications of oils are:

• Inhalation

• Topical

• Oral Ingestion

Learning how to use oils is not hard. Once you get accustomed to using them as you would use other remedies, you will discover many more uses to suit your unique needs.

Making the decision to exchange toxic products for natural ones is an active step in bringing balance to all areas of your life and that of your family. What are you waiting for? Start NOW to see what Natural Remedies work positively in your home.

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Tips for Healthy Living

By Farhad Dordar

Ideally, we all want to live long, happy lives. You only need to spend a few minutes browsing magazine covers or watching television commercials to realize that health is a big business that has captured our attention. Ultimately, we all want to be fit and active; so it's fortunate that just a few minor changes in your lifestyle can get you on the road to healthy living. The tips presented in this article will help you increase your fitness so you can get more enjoyment from life.

The Basics

Generally speaking, a healthy person doesn't smoke, maintains a healthy weight, eats well, and exercises regularly. In principle, this all seems very easy, but in practice many North Americans today struggle to find the balance between a healthy life and their hectic schedules. Still, healthy living is attainable through small, gradual changes. Swapping sugary snacks for natural fruits, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or drinking water instead of juice are just a few examples of easy changes you can make to start living healthy.


As technology has advanced, the activity level of humans has declined significantly. Whereas we once farmed our own foods, we now drive to the supermarket to buy pre-cooked, processed meals. Instead of walking to school, children take the bus. And rather than enjoying outdoor family activities, we sit stationary around a television. But the benefits of regular exercise are wide ranging:

  • Reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

  • Improved joint health.

  • Improved flexibility.

  • Enhanced self esteem.

  • Reduced stress levels.

These are just a few of the benefits of an active lifestyle, but how can you easily introduce more activity into your life?

  • Turn off the TV and go for a walk.

  • Walk to work or school.

  • Clean the house.

  • Walk while you talk.

  • Stretch at your desk.

  • Join a sports team.


When we talk about diet, we should not think about "going on a diet." Instead, healthy living and healthy eating need to be a lifestyle choice. You can still enjoy a treat from time-to-time, but your goal should be to introduce healthy, natural foods to replace unhealthy alternatives.

  • Eat fruit for breakfast.

  • Add vegetables to your favourite dishes such as pizza or pastas.

  • Avoid processed, pre-made meals by cooking extra portions and freezing them.

  • Substitute water for juice.

  • Avoid sugar-filled sodas and snacks.

Changing the way you eat can be a challenge, so experts often recommend you keep a food diary. Sometimes, evaluating the foods you eat on a daily basis can be all the motivation you need to make a change. But remember, you don't need to eliminate all the foods you love from your diet; instead, choose healthier options or limit how much junk you consume.

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